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raveler please keep in mind the following recommendations:

Hotel hours CHECK IN: 3:00 PM and CHECK OUT: 1:00 PM

If your arrival is earlier, we store your luggage until the

check in time.

It is important to send full names, ID card number or licence driving card, date of birth, cell phone number and chosen accommodation.

Children must bring the civil registry and/or parental authorization and a copy of the identity document of the parents.

Inform the schedule and number of each flight or means of transport.

In case of a change of schedule in the transport, it must be informed in advance.

In case of a change of schedule in the transport, it must be informed in advance.

In the event of a change of airport, you must bear in mind that the transfer to another city has an additional cost.

During the tour, some contingency may arise due to force majeure, emergency, risk situations or climate change, the agency will make the corresponding changes in the itinerary to comply with the activities offered in the plan.


The height factor above sea level generates changes in the physiological part, which can generate some symptoms such as: headache, nausea, dizziness and tachycardia. If you feel any of these symptoms, please inform the Tour Guide.

It is suggested to opportunely attend the rules and recommendations given by the guides and officials of the Los Nevados National Natural Park.

This activity is not recommended for children under 6 or adults over 70 years of age, nor for people with a history of heart disease, chronic respiratory problems, high blood pressure, glycemia or pregnancy.

Gradually regulate your physical condition according to the fatigue caused by the altitude, do not run, do not get agitated, do not consume alcohol or cigarettes before or during the tour.

For the tour, use dark glasses with UV filter and sunscreen with 100% protection.

During the journey in the vehicle, keep the windows open, do not use the heating and hydrate properly. Use extra clothing for the cold as your body requires it.

Always travel through the authorized trails within the park, without altering, modifying or removing signs, notices, fences or milestones, or causing damage to the facilities, equipment and constitutive values ​​of the protected area.

Do not throw garbage or waste, they must return with you, do not collect samples of fauna, flora and geo (volcanic rocks). Single-use plastic objects are not allowed to enter the Natural Area.

SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT: Wear comfortable shoes, mid-calf boots, appropriate clothing such as a polar jacket, waterproof jacket, lycra, denim pants and waterproof pants, wool hat, wool socks, gloves, dark glasses, sunscreen.

Note: For the fulfillment of the activities, advance reservation is required.

Schedule your return trip after 2:00 pm

The entrance to Nevado del Ruiz is suitable for people over 6 years of age and under 69 years of age. If you do not take this tour, the agency offers you an alternative plan.


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