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7 hours

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“Immerse yourself in a unique experience that fuses ancestral, spiritual and mental well-being in the heart of the San Lorenzo Indigenous Reserve, in Riosucio, Caldas. Join the association of Women Custodians of Ancestral Knowledge to experience a Temazcal that transcends time and connects with the deepest roots of indigenous culture.

In this sacred encounter, the women of the resguardo will guide you through ancestral rituals that will not only purify your body in the temazcal, but also nourish your spirit. Discover the secrets of traditional healing, share unforgettable moments and let yourself be enveloped by the spiritual essence of this unique experience in Riosucio, where the connection with the land and indigenous traditions intertwine to offer you an unforgettable journey.”

Duration of the tour

5 to 6 hours approx.

9:00 am

Availability every day.

Price per person


  • Transport Manizales-Riosucio-Manizales
  • Workshop on the transformation of medicinal plants
  • Conversation tulpa of knowledge
  • Temazcal session (therapeutic steam bath)
  • Hydration, snack, typical lunch (rescuing the culinary tradition of the ancestral territory)
  • Guide
  • Medical assistance card.
  • Meals not specified.
  • Expenses and services not specified.

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